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I’m a New York dame with a touch of Old Hollywood glam.  I’m that woman of a certain age – the Senator, the Judge, the long-time wise-cracking assistant to the geriatric billionaire, the wealthy matriarch with renegade offspring.  

I know I’m out of sync and out of this time.  I’m most comfortable in the reverie of classic Hollywood films.  I’m happiest knowing that there I awaken every morning perfectly made up, coiffed and swathed in a lovely peignoir.  I’m the authoress, the congresswoman, the entrepreneur.  There I’m that woman who’s never at a loss for words, never without a man with white tie and tails, and most definitely never without a good foundation garment.  Ah, what bliss!  And so, I act.  

I’m Eve Arden’s Ida to Joan Crawford’s “Mildred Pierce.”  I do what I do best:  mix large parts wry humor with below-the-surface seething vitriol, add gentle compassionate warmth, and drizzle in some coolness on a par with chilled champagne.  I shake (never stir) and deliver a character uniquely my own.

Cue the MGM lion!

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